Pursuing Perfection

Designer Choice  perpetually searches for the best in design, functionality, and value for all of its kitchen and bathroom products. We are proud to announce Aqualem as our latest addition to the Designers Choice portfolio.

AQUALEM is committed to technical innovation and stunning design. Over the past 10 years Aqualem has become a world leader in bathroom and kitchen faucets and systems. Aqualem products are beautifully crafted with a minimalist approach to Italian design. Elegant style meets cutting edge technology to deliver an experience like no other. Enhance your daily rituals with comfort and functionality with the Aqualem kitchen and bath experience.

Embrace the element of water with Aqualem.

High-end Finishes

Aqualem specializes in mid-high grade brass shower heads, shower heads, shower arms, shower columns, shower fittings and faucets. From neo-classical to contemporary, Aqualem has a product line to match your vision. Add the finishing touch to your project with the remarkable quality and exceptional design of Aqualem.

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